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Reviews for "Dog Bum Chancer"

lol nice

i really enjoyed it and thought was pretty silly only thing that was wierd and lame is that advertisment played whenever i played the flash. Other than that i like the cartooniess about it.


i dont know how that is......i just dont know.......just....wtf?

It was okay, but...

WTF!!! That was disgusting. The animation was good, you have a great eye for creative story telling, but the guy going into the dogs ass was a bit far. But It's okay

Was nice

I found the animation nice but the characters design could have been a little more devopleyed and the sound affects made it seem to chees, but overral it was a great flash just trying not to overdo cliche sound effects


it was funny but what does the name "dog bum cancer" have to do with this?