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Reviews for "Dog Bum Chancer"

jesus people really?

why do people have the urge to put a 10 to everything they see, I mean come on the only reason I put this animation a 1 is because it has a pretty decent animation but everything is else is cr@p, people if you are going to review, then do try to criticize, u mindless hoard of zombies...geez

Pretty good

I admired the smooth animation and the elements of Ren and Stimpy styled gags, but I sort of found this a bit odd...


looked great but you lost me when he crawed in a dogs ass....and wore it like a suit

the guy under me needs to shut up craw in a dogs ass and where it like a champ!


What the Hell did I just watch? And why do I feel the strangest urge to... Rate this a 10 and a 5?


that was phyco O_O