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Lava Lamp Blues

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(EDIT: Ha, Daily Third... again. Thanks to everyone involved.
Somebody up there likes me!)
(EDIT... AGAIN: Thanks for the Front Page guys. Much appreciated.)

Well, Here it is. "Lava Lamp Blues"

Took three months to make. (I took alot of breaks)
Blame school for the delay.
I wanted to make something quality after Facebook Poke Wars went out so here it is.
Thank Tristan for quality control.
HINT: There are two easter eggs.

I welcome constructive criticism.

I hope you guys like it, took some effort.
Until next time, gents.

Music: (Since it won't all fit in the credit box.)
Vengaboys - We like to party,
The Beatles - Tommorow never Knows/ Within you Without you,
Cruis'n USA - Main Theme.
Thank ChickenWarlord for reminding me. "Mini-boss Battle Music" and "Game Over" music is off of Link's Awakening or Oracle of Seasons/ Ages if you like. (They're really both the same.)

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So this was a "DECENT" film theres a lot more going on in this one, and I love the whole idea of the "LAVA-LAMP" the music was pretty good too and seemed to be fitting aswell you even added some "EXTRA" animation so nice job here a good film funny and entertaining, It does loop so not a real big issue but those could be fixed unless thats your intent regardless this was pretty cool.

the looping could be fixed.


That lava lamp must have some Phoenix Down in it! Clever, simple concept that was fun to watch.

cruise n' USA! my childhood was awesome, and yours obviously was too! 5 school buses full of screaming children out of 5

WooleyWorld responds:

5 school buses full of screaming children... *children screaming* .. out of 5...
Thanks a bunch. :]

great job and congrats on 3rd place

it was funny i liked when the old guy face plants and at first i thought the old guy was the 6 flags guy. it was funny i seriousky enjoyed music was good animation great loved the whole video i saw some of your other ones those were funny to ( i think you did the one about that kid named billy that cant draw if you did that was hilarious to) im puting both your video and you on my favorite list (im your 70th now yaaaaay) great job and keep it up.

Huge congrats on 3rd place!

I really like what you did here, good choice of music and good drawing!

Audio: 9/10
The music was awesomely chosen and good that you put everything in the author comments. The thing is, what is the first rave song? I'm not sure if it was in the authors comments.

Drawing: 8/10
Nothing bad to say, I wasn't jumping out of my chair and like WOW! but still seriously good. you might want to make stuff like walls a bit more elobrate, but nothing to complain, aigain.

Humor: 7/10
It's cool, the concept is come up with nice and resolved my boredom, I thank you for that.
The thing is, it's fun to watch it after a few weeks later, but it's not like I can watch this every week and still laugh hard.

After all I give you a 4/5 and a 8/10.
I must say, you did inspire me to write a (waaaay) more elobrate review than normal, so kudos for that.

You deserved daily 3rd place and I hope to see some more in the future!

WooleyWorld responds:

Hot damn.

Thanks for the nice review.