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NL: Song of Storms

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Take a trip down memory lane, with my new series of, as it says, Nostalgic Loops.

I plan on doing the series with very Memorable moments from the best video games ever. Even one's i've never played.

If you have any suggestions, hit me up. You will get credit for the idea, of course. ;D



You remember using the Song of Storms( (C) Nintendo) in the windmill hut, during Ocarina of Time?

I know you do. And I know you remember the angry balding man, whom's name is Guru-Guru, by the way, Who specifically asked you not to play that song?.. And you did it.. Didn't you?.. Don't lie to me.. You can't continue the game, unless you do.. And i know you didn't Screen glitch when you were a kid.. >A>

Zelda Characters, Song, and Game (C) Nintendo.

Animation - Me

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good to a point.

The song is good to hear, nostalgic as promised, and but it seems like the loop was simply to keep this from being a song by itself... which isn't a bad thing. But if you only use 1 small loop, perhaps you should try to smooth it out a little.

Not bad.

Nostalgic video game loops.Very original nobodys made that,and personally,I don't the animation is that bad.Good work,new idea=10

Interesting Concept

I'm all for your concept, and it's clear you put a lot of time and effort into this entry. However, instead of recreating a scene, you have a short animation that loops after two seconds.

I'd suggest continuing with the idea , but presenting it as a short film instead of a short animation.

DanThelVlan responds:

That's the plan.


I voted for you, but only cause i like this music. Your animation in not very interesting.

DanThelVlan responds:

Was a test of parted animation. I don't like it. So expect better. ;D

Ben je nederlands?

the animation was short (ofcourse) but itt gave me a nostalgic feeling and the song is so great (altough you didn't make the song) Link and the occarina of time is a great game but the CD-i games were better MAH BOI!