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Reviews for "NL: Song of Storms"

Ben je nederlands?

the animation was short (ofcourse) but itt gave me a nostalgic feeling and the song is so great (altough you didn't make the song) Link and the occarina of time is a great game but the CD-i games were better MAH BOI!

Not bad.

Nostalgic video game loops.Very original nobodys made that,and personally,I don't the animation is that bad.Good work,new idea=10


I voted for you, but only cause i like this music. Your animation in not very interesting.

DanThelVlan responds:

Was a test of parted animation. I don't like it. So expect better. ;D

Not Bad

Pretty good

Interesting Concept

I'm all for your concept, and it's clear you put a lot of time and effort into this entry. However, instead of recreating a scene, you have a short animation that loops after two seconds.

I'd suggest continuing with the idea , but presenting it as a short film instead of a short animation.

DanThelVlan responds:

That's the plan.