Rise Of The Gunslinger

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update: Holy fuck! In the three years I've been on this site, I never would have expected to get front page, thank you tom!

A mysterious gunslinger has appeared from seemingly nowhere, with only a six-shooter and a musical stopwatch in his possesion.

music was used from For a few Dollars More and High plains drifter, as well as many ideas that i used in this cartoon.



I don't want to be disrespectful, but personally I don't see this as Front Page worthy. I'll try to be constructive with my criticism. The story was quite strong, I liked where it was going right up until it turned out he was a ghost. I suppose that's just opinion though. The drawings however, are bad. That is unfortunately a fact... in my opinion lol. The characters prepared me for a comedy, which it isn't (unless it's some obscure comedy that I don't understand haha) . That was the biggest flaw in my view, the graphics. The best thing was the music, but that is (as you've admitted) obviously not yours. So to sum up again, good, but not front page worthy

savage011 responds:

i can see where your coming from, seing this on the front page along with johnny utah and etc. really makes this seem out of place.

Very cool nice references to classic westerns

I am a western fan love the references to "For a few dollars more" and Lee Van Cleef. Nice story good job.

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savage011 responds:

lee van cleef all the way!

that was fucken awsome,good story,hope 2 c more

the animation is a bit rough but the storyline was tits i hope to see more flas outta u

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savage011 responds:

thank you!


so why did the ghost brother have to killl him?

Ok that was pretty good.

Hey dude, It was a very good short, the only reason I love the way you used the old spaghetti OST films, in a matter you made all to fix, the only problem I saw it was the drawing, for a litle moment It make you think that you will have a punch line and then you see its serious film,. and second, mayube you should be a little more sutile like on pale rider when you see the father goes to the mountain and then dissapear, or High Plains Drifter when the sherif comes from the cementary, making him dissapear in front of everyone took off all the charming. keep working on.

savage011 responds:

i already borrowed enough from high plains drifter, so i didnt want to completely copy the ending of it. Thanks for the review

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Feb 15, 2011
4:59 PM EST