garbage day 3

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holy crapola, it's the final installment of the garbage day trilogy. and as far as trilogies goes, my mom says this is really one of the better ones out there.

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I didn't see what this even had to do with the garbage. Now, it's just him talking about the bills. Well okay, there was some activity before. I just wish there could have been more about the actual garbage. I was expecting some big finale here. You should have put some color in this.

I had no idea there would be more of these. You seem to have made much better cartoons. The voice is still kind of funny. These aren't cartoons I would recommend. Well, other people seemed to like them. I don't really receive bills.

Oh man NO WAY

I just watched the second one and I was thinking "He should tie a string to the handle of the mailbox and open it from across the street." And then HE DID IT! Great minds think alike I suppose. Nice work. Oh and instead of saying "and as far as trilogies GOES" you should say "and as far as trilogies GO". Just sayin

How did I do it?

I still don't know how I managed to feel incredibly saddened and empathetic towards the garbage guy while still laughing my ass off.I would've given you a 10 but i felt too sorry for him. You somehow managed to pack a great amout of emotion into this 30-ish second, half-assed animation, while still making it really funny. Perhaps I found it extremely shocking and sad because i watched the first two (which were much more upbeat) in a row before watching this one, and was surprised by the sudden switch in the mood. Perhaps i'm just an oversensitive fag. Anyways, great job man. It was entertaining, and more importantly, simple. Maybe therein lies it's appeal. Keep up the good work.

Don't get it.

As with many of your other animations you rely too heavily on dialog to drive the story, sans quality animation. I wish I could call it a "style" but using painfully simplistic illustrations can't be justified by a poor random script. I know "random" is in these days, but at the same time all of the random content out there has already saturated the entertainment industry.

It's nice you have a following though.

how the hell are you gonna do this?

why dont you make more stuff? waht the fuck are you doing? working a job or something? fuck that. make more flash movies. you wont make any money but you will get artistic fulfillment or w/e

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4.30 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2011
9:08 PM EST