Reviews for "garbage day 3"

Bills, bills, bills...

I know the feeling.


a fitting end to a glorious exploration of the human condition!
So now how about you get started on some more black and white drama theatre or am I going to have to hunt you down and force you to make them... and a sequel to the safety dance too... whatever that would be.
I love you, bye

i was waiting...

for this trilogy to be complete. so i could die.

and now i can.

AlantheBOX responds:

are you dead yet?

how the hell are you gonna do this?

why dont you make more stuff? waht the fuck are you doing? working a job or something? fuck that. make more flash movies. you wont make any money but you will get artistic fulfillment or w/e

Oh man NO WAY

I just watched the second one and I was thinking "He should tie a string to the handle of the mailbox and open it from across the street." And then HE DID IT! Great minds think alike I suppose. Nice work. Oh and instead of saying "and as far as trilogies GOES" you should say "and as far as trilogies GO". Just sayin