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Slappy The Walrus!

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(Get more orbs for better endings)

Team Walrus's game jam 2 submission!
(the original team walrus died, so we took their name)

In the dead, snow filled world only children remain. It is up to you, Slappy the Walrus, to devour the souls of these parasites for the glorious overlord Satan! Slap your way through waves of children in this beat em up side scroller. LUXORIA BE WITH YOU!

Arrows to move, A to attack

WHAT EVERYONE DID (as spoken by me and my teammates)

Manly-Chicken - Put the project together and coded everything.
Morphone - Made music, sound effects, and did some animation/art
FatKidWitAJetPak - Made music, voice acted, wrote and did some animation/art
TehSlapHappy - Did the main artwork and animation

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Well this was kind of entertaining the slapping of people over and over was somewhat entertaining but the graphics could be much better and visually appealing it was ok but could be better the gameplay was not the best but could also be polished and the music was actually not bad at all a fun game you have here I liked it for the idea but needs more to it

The gameplay needs polish and the graphics could be smoother


For something with a really low score, I didn't think it was that bad. It wasn't a joke game. It had a coherent story and gameplay. Granted, it's still not good. The best part is probably how it looks nice. The gameplay is where it loses points.

It was just you slapping people over and over. At least it was easy to understand. It did get a little fun. It was just too redundant. The music was good, though.

LOL! Satanic Walrus.


I finished the game and a medal popup appeared
until it became a white rectangle
So i assume this game has medals but they aren't saving in my profile.
can you fix it.

Would be a tad better if

It was more fast passed, like instant punches from both sides of the fight