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Reviews for "Slappy The Walrus!"

This game is a piece of poo.

I give it a one out of five.


It's a simple game rly but the humor and the intro were just great xD gave me a good laugh

so 7/10

good game but

but the highscore list doesn't work

Manly-Chicken responds:

I'll get right on that...

Pretty awesome presentation

With an epic intro and everything! And I think this one had a lot of potential. You just didn't focus enough on the main gameplay mechanic. That is the combat system. If you had added more depth to it, like say, another attack and gave your AI a bit more depth then I think this game could have really been a ton better.


Liked the intro and goofy plot, but the gameplay itself wasn't that great. The controls were too slippery and Slappy's punches are too slow. Also, the art and animation is pretty bad and sloppy looking.