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Reviews for "Slappy The Walrus!"


Gameplay get really repetitive though.... :P SLAPPY THE WALRUS!

Interesting concept with a few flaws

Slappy The Walrus is a simplistic kind of game and it is for a good part enjoyable, however I would like to point out some flaws.

Firstly the fact that you cannot continue the game from where you died, should you die, seriously takes interest away from the game. I don't know why so many web developers have hindered their games this way but it is extremely annoying.

Also, although the concept has value, the simplistic gameplay comes off as rather repetitive and easy and I lost interest quickly.

The story was also hard to follow with a brief and quick introduction being the only real story I could find as I died on the boss and had no interest in replaying.

The animation was great, I commend it.

Another pro was the music a fantastic touch to the game which really helped it along.

I think the game definitely has potential, as do the team responsible for it.

Although a rather forgettable game it is an imppressive attempt, keep up the good work!

The idea is hilarious!

This reminds me of better days. Back when I was a bad walrus too...
Great game (wink wink).

This is the best game ever!

What can be better than a half retarded evil walrus killing for the pure purpose of satisfying his evil overlord?!