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Medieval Wars

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Author Comments

I'm so proud for the Daily 5th Place!

Thank you all for playing the game and sharing your thoughts, at the moment I'm working on a new totally improved version of this game, trying to improve a lot of things :)

Combat mechanic:

Normal unit use 1D4 x level
Hero unit (Knight) 2D2 x level

Game Guide:
http://www.ageofgames.net /it/mapsandguides/guides/

AttackerTotal = AttackerDiceValues + AttackerVariousBonus + (AttackerUnitLevel - DefenderUnitLevel)

DefenderTotal = DefenderDiceValues + DefenderVariousBonus + (DefenderUnitLevel âEU" AttackerUnitLevel)

If (AttackerTotal > DefenderTotal) the Attacker win
else the Attacker lose.
Terrain Bonus:
Mountain +1
Hill +0.5
Forest +0.3
Swamp -0.5

Castles/Towers Bonus:
v.1 + 0.3
lv.2 + 0.6
lv.3 + 0.9
lv.4 + 1.2

Unit Experience Bonus:
+0.3 X Level
Mines Bonus:
+0.2 x number of mines

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The only real problem with this game (that I noticed) is that sometimes the dice can screw you over so badly that your strategy is completely worthless, but on the other hand I have won fights that i shouldn't have won because of the dice (that's just the nature of games that involve dice).

I hate that dice rotate too long. 2 Seconds I think that was enough. I would have liked to see clearly the result of the battle and not disappear as soon as it appeared. I think it was better if the player can decide when to stop the rotation of the dice by clicking on a button. So he decided the outcome and not the game.
I played the second game of the series Medieval Wars 2 days ago. I like the idea of the game and I think you could work on the 3 rd game to include improvements. My suggestions would be: finding artifacts to make soldiers stronger, weakness of certain categories of troops in front of others (Spearman effective against light cavalry for example), medals, option to join troops on the battlefield in specific points to form stronger groups of soldiers, dice could remain as a factor to calculate the final outcome of battles (lucky / unlucky depending on the outcome of the dice) as an outcome favorable to dice could turn a fight that seemed lost or could cause large losses for the enemy, you could enter the option to build walls in flat areas, defense towers, catapults and rams ... Success!

i gave up

Nice concept, but the battles eventually become an endless loop, where the only way to win is to roll YATZEE 8 times in a row.
It was fun for like 20 minutes, but after that it just got boring.
Maybe polish it up with some upgrades, Hex/Land bonuses or something.... right now its not worth playing more than once, sorry :(

9 outta 10

Love the graphics and gameplay. Maps are fun and game is easy to learn and challenging after a while. Some good attention to detail for those who like "Risk" type games.

Music is appropriate, but gets old quickly. Would love to see the ability to combine units and add a player name.

Fantastic overall. Cheers!

needs work

Think you really need to work on the battles....to often it just about chance and not about with what size and kind of army or on what place or against what size and kind of army.... makes the game a bit irritating at some point :(