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Reviews for "Medieval Wars"


awesome game liked everything, i only wish there be an options menu in game so i can see instructions as i play, such as when i get more troops, when the castles upgrade and all those little details, but otherwise great game perfect music to go with it

great game

I like this game in many aspects specilaly that it remind's me of sid meyer civilisaton V and hex empire you sir made me remember good times thank you

Good, good

I like it. Nice and simple. Kinda time-consuming and faintly easy though. I won each battle with slight ease. I like it. Keep up the work!

Very Good!

The first levels are kinda dull but from level 3 and forward are a better challenge, kinda slow but fun nonetheless.

9 outta 10

Love the graphics and gameplay. Maps are fun and game is easy to learn and challenging after a while. Some good attention to detail for those who like "Risk" type games.

Music is appropriate, but gets old quickly. Would love to see the ability to combine units and add a player name.

Fantastic overall. Cheers!