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Reviews for "Medieval Wars"

Very Good!

The first levels are kinda dull but from level 3 and forward are a better challenge, kinda slow but fun nonetheless.

the game is good but

not great. It gets way too tedious. The computer can attack me with a weaker amount of guys and my stronger unit somehow forgets to bring everyone to the battle and then the enemey almost always pulls off a fagballs victory. Meaning that where as I have to have overwhelming force at all times, the computer gets to have weaker units that can pull of the same feat, which is BULLSHIT!. I could have played longer or liked this more if that hadn't happened. It occured most often when I was being attacked on a fort which is also just aweful, but anytime I attacked any enemy they got to use all of their troops while I was short sticked many a time, fix this and you will have a much bettewr game in your hands.

Pretty Good

A bit dull on some levels, but well thought out and put together.

8/10, 4/5.


tough level 10 is pretty difficult, for those having trouble get the first tower to the left, make one of the to units that appear go for the on on the middle of the level avoiding fighting and the other one as far down help capture the middle castle if needed, then just leave a 4 unit protecting that castle, now charge with everything you can to get the bottom left castle remember even weaker units can kill the most powerful ones while attacking and you must not let your opportune get past the icy mountains, with enough luck you should be able to conquer those 3 castles and with that the games is yours.

is pretty good (wish was longer though), i liked the overall strategy but stats didn't afect as much as i would have like to ofently a level 2 to would kill a level 6 with full experience and terrain advantage.

If you decide to make a sequel add more types of units, some long range ones, and have a established base.

Aside from that pretty good it had me entertain for a while keep it up XD.

Adds after ever win were annoying as hell

Good game but how the hell you beat level 10???