Glow Shooter TD

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The tower defense version of Glow Shooter, where you can blast out of thousands of enemy's waves.

Place the glow tower on the stage anywhere you like it and click the tower to upgrade it. When you happy, click START button to start the waves. There's 20 level in this game, good luck!

Added boss!

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Fun at first, then little more than fireworks

The main problem with this game is that there is absolutely no variation in the towers. Each tower does exactly the same thing, with slight variations in stats. The empty enviroment is fine, considering that your towers can be damaged and destroyed, but wall-building would have made it far better. The gameplay is very smooth and the music is good, but any TD where the enemies have more variations than the towers is doomed to failure.

Good begining???

Really good game, hoping this is just the start. Weapons could have been worked on, not talking about the image, I talking about the power and range. In this one, you just want to have all blues out there, and be fine. Either work on range and power, or make them work as well differently on different enemies.


Waaaaaay too easy. I'm at level twelve with 5 blues and they're slaughtering everything, usually before it gets on screen. This needs either a hard more or an acceleration button, badly.

Also, there's a glitch whenever I place a tower, if I have the money it immediately goes to level 2. Annoying in the early game because I want to place 3 level 1 greens.

not much thought went into chz,s review

there are forms of td that involve massive waves and a bland environment. i like those tds the fact that you have no tactical advantages in the envrionment etc. that and the sheer firepower available to you.good game 10/10

Facts are Facts.

I will give it to you guys that you can program Flash much better than I can. Unfortunately it didn't seem like much thought and effort went into this one. The levels were basic and void of any kind of obstacle that is part of what makes a Tower Defense game. The lack of any kind of status on your towers-as far as upgrade price, total upgrades available or the like- was another spot where it felt incomplete. The complete lack of much of anything made me feel like I were blindfolded and pushed into the middle of Time Square and told to protect something I couldn't see from the various things that people would then throw at me. All in all it, to me, was a fairly dull product from you guys, which was kinda a bummer. I'm looking forward to something else from you, hopefully with a little more substance to it.

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3.29 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2010
11:38 AM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense
  • Daily 4th Place December 4, 2010