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Sasuke the Singer - Die

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Hi there!!

I promised an annual Naruto flash so here it is :)


This flash is about the fight between Sasuke and Danzou, dunno if it has been animated yet x_x

Thanks to "Songs to wear Pants To" for the song "Die" :) i found it hilarious and decided to use it on a flash

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I found this to be rather cute. Well, as cute as a song about dying could be. It helps that the animation is so good. I love what you do with these characters. I remember chronicling the Naruto chapters so closely. My favorite bit might have been with Hinata.

It was just great to see all the characters together like this. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen all those kages. It was great how you gave each character their chance to shine. For something short, that’s not too easy.

or get stabbed or get shot or or oh u know wat i mean cool vids guys loved it :3

You are always awesome!

P.S. What in the world was Russia doing there?

Heh Heh

hes right,im gonna die in 3 months.