Reviews for "Sasuke the Singer - Die"


esta buenisimo el video, sube mas fioripart y de preferencia que sean de bleach


where did Russia come from? XD

Good job

naruto randomess

hola fiory soy un fanatico de los naruto randomess y queria saber cuando podrias
hacer otro o si estas haciendo uno cuando saldra por que hace tiempo que nom subes mas videos espero q me respondas chao

Haters gonna hate

If you're gonna keep hating NaruHina than you may as well start hating SasuHina too. That's becoming equally as popular and it makes even less sense


I've never noticed that Danzou doesn't wear pants......that makes his planned out murd- i mean accidental death, easier. -w-
i still couldn't imagine that Sasuke would build his career from singing ( even though he makes my blood boil.......grrr..... vote this up if u agree....)
But anyways, very awesome song and flash!!!!