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Codename: Dirk

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This is a platformer game with a conspiracy theory theme. Hopefully you will find it fun! thanks

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reiteration on potential

this game has it. not much i can say that hasn't been said, so let's just say this is me reiterating on everything else.

You got it... Almost

Good music, a little shake on the controls and it's hard to see the platforms. But this is step one to becoming great game. Keep up the good work.

Not Bad

I had fun with this, the only problem was with the controls.

They just need to be smoothed out a little, but other than that great.

Oh well...

This is what i think about this game:

The Pros:
-Gameplay was right on the spot, the character did what you told him to do, no unecessary slidings, delays or anything like that.

-Also, level design was quite good (not graphically speaking), no frustating or impossible parts.

The Cons:

-General design choices, the background was just a messed up google earth low res image(honestly, you couldve just draw a line pretending to be a bunch of buildings on the background and that would be way better).The overall graphics seemed rushed, like you did em in a single day (which is probably true), the pics of humvees and the giant bike made me gigle, also sometimes levels were a little confusing, specially the ending

-Bugs, on the second bike level you can fall into nothing, and if you keep on falling long enough you will complete the level, when you leave the trophy room you always go back to level 2, and the ending doesn't get you back to menu...

-The Plot, well, you can believe in whatever you want of course, but thats not the problem here, the problem is that the game makes no sense, you go around some plataforms, pick some images, call that an 'evidence' and bam suddenly youre being persued by the feds and saving the world. You could add some puzzles in there, also levels where you go inside facilities/buildings to find evidences, something that makes sense... Also i find 9/11 conspiracies a little outdated already.

-Duration, a little too short maybe?

Overall to me it was a waste of potential, the plot didn't fit the game and it feels really rushed, you could've make way more out of this. But the gameplay was nice, thats why its getting a 3/5 - 5/10 from me, even thought if there was a 2.5 that would be my vote.

decent i guess...

i couldn't get very far by the fact that there were no controls posted anywhere

Credits & Info

2.24 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2010
11:13 AM EDT