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Border Services

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To make some extra cash, you decide to pick some illegal Mexicans to bring over the border to the United States, www.i6.com
>i6.com</a> Driving through the desert you will come across abandon police cars and Mexican bandits, any you do see, run them over for extra points. Good Luck!

What Do You Think Of The Idea?
Would You Play It Again?
What Do You Think Of The Graphics, Gameplay Etc.

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Pretty basic, but good

I get the game, but why are there criminals in 1800's movies robber oufits standing randomly in the desert getting hit with no point value?


I COMPLETELY DISAGREE WITH LANCELOT. This game was good, fun, and stylish ( :D ) but the replay value really wasn't so fantastic except for making your own level thing. Anyway, lancelot! You rate your games on your own opinion? WHAT MAKES YOU BE ABLE TO BE DIFFERENT FROM THE CROWD? HMMM? Thank you jonnyi6!!!!


I actually really like the idea, I find myself playing these truck games all the time, and the fact of even just piling a bunch of mexicans in the back is great, it'd be cool if you had to try not to have any of them fall out of the back.
I don't think i'll be playing it again though, it was a good idea, but the physics in the game weren't great and i find i don't really enjoy these games when they feel so rigid and clunky.
The graphics were decent enough, they don't really need to be great i find in a game like this, i found it fun running over the random people but they kind of looked crumby. Levels seemed a little repetitive in areas as well.

the graphics where nothing special

the immigrant joke was pretty weak, the gamplay was dull as dirt the truck did handle ok and it was kinda fun popping wheelies but sadly that was the funnest part of the whole game

Definitely Has Potential..

I find it interesting that you can always go to newgrounds to see talented animators and game designers and rely on them to make some kind of commentary on relevant political issues... and when I saw this I was really curious to see what you'd bring to the table..

I gave you 4/10 because I like that the cops don't get killed (that would have been an instant 0) and because the only people that do are actual bad guys.. now you posed a few questions:

1) What do you think of the idea? It's good, not particularly clever or original, but it's relevant and has potential to go in a good direction.

2) Would you play it again? No. It's fairly fun but it doesn't really have replay value.

3) Graphics? Gameplay? I like the graphics, you did a good job! The overall animation is pretty solid, man. The gameplay is about what I'd expect from a balance-styled game.