Megaman Killer

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Hey guys! Thanks for playing this game. This is my first platform game and first submission to Newgrounds. I borrowed Nerdy Ninja sprite being the main char and some sprites from Megaman games being the evils. You got to collect blue items in each stage to get a new weapon. This game is easy but a bit tricky. If you like action platform games, this one is right for you. I hope you enjoy it. Don't forget to check out my game site: www.zeezagames.com.

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nice, nice needs alot more improvement though.

fail jump

Sorta decent, but I think it could tighten up alittle bit on the gameplay. Like the leap I made when the vertical moving platform went up and I'm having to jump to the next one, I fell right through and off the stage I go. I think it might just be the stages.

Should be improved

Don't feel discouraged about the score. You're on the right track, but there are problems to to address.

The premise is good. (Kind of like an Infinities universe, with Mega Man being the bad guy and Dr. Wily needing to clean things up). I've got nothing against playing as the other side, as who appears to be a black palette swap of Mega Man.

I don't like it when jump is mapped to the Up direction (or sometimes the W button when using WASD controls). Spacebar for shot is less of an issue, but Map it to some other something else, like X or C. Also of note is that there is also no Pause Button.

However, it's the gameplay that's just awkward.

You've probably played other Mega Man games before, right? When Mega Man gets hit in those games, he staggers and gets some invincibility frames in order to recover. Here, this Ninja Man character doesn't feel the effects of getting shot at all. There isn't even a "received damaged" sound. Even in the boss battles, there's no hit confirm sound for them as well.

I suppose for your character, you could kind of handwave it off by claiming "Oh, he's one of Wily's robots. They don't usually stagger when hit by Mega Man's shots in the real games." However, you should explain that somehow in your game-and still have the sound effect for damage.

Everything also explodes the same way. The player dies with the same sound effect as the enemies. Not asking for the eight way exploding, blinking balls of the Mega Man games, but something different at least would be nice.

Falling off the left side of the start area results in the game getting stuck.

I'm baffled about that one blue capsule surrounded by the spikes in the first stage. Is that supposed to be decoration or some puzzle that someone has to solve? I only counted three blue capsules on my run, so either there has to be another one that I'm missing or that one was it.

The first boss battle with Protoman is glitchy (SS4FlameAlchemist mentions it), and his attack pattern is disappointing. The second and third boss battles aren't hard, as they have clearcut memorizable patterns to evade their attacks (I've beaten both), but they are frustrating, since they take such little damage. I think the third boss also suffers from the projectile glitch like Protoman when using his purple balls.

Lastly, there is the right click menu --> forward exploit that will let you skip levels.

ghackgames responds:

Thanks for your suggestions. I'll use your tips to improve my future games :-)

not bad at all

I like it rather a lot actually and I'm gonna download the swf file to play it offline


I really liked it. Although there are some bugs, I like the whole Megaman Series at all. Nice job.

Still, you should improve it, so that it may turn out be a better game.

See ya'

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3.74 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2010
2:37 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other