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Clock Defense

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Clock Defense

In this game you're being attacked by enemy strawberry clocks that you must fend off using your laser. There are over 6 different enemies, 20 levels, and 4 types of upgrades. Can you become King of the Portal?

Use the Mouse to aim and shoot, I hope you enjoy the game!

-Christopher Gregorio

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Really cute defense game

The next time just put more effort on it

I...I'm immortal?

Well this game has... Well... I can't figure it out so I will list a bunch of things.
I ended up with -10 health somehow the tanks hit me untill i went negative in health.
I found out that some of the "Clocks" give you more money when you let them hit you. Er the invisible wall. And there was a lack of ability to upgrade everything. I am giving this a .....2? But I wont request a blam cause at one point it was kinda fun.

It's a defense game. If you like 'em, you like 'em

If there is going to be a gun that show that it can be upgraded to 10, then there should be enough points and opportunity to upgrade the gun to 10. I spent no money on anything else, and all I could get was 7 before I beat the game. I'm not saying it's a bad game, but I want my upgrades!


this game is pretty fun but i dont understand why we are fighting against clocks
fighting anti-clocks or locks would have been better so ill give it a 9

really fucking easy

this is one game that is so easy, that its retarded, for example, i decided not to shoot the strawberry dudes and it took FIVE WAVES and SEVENTY-FIVE strawberries to deplete all of my health, and to top it off, i actually got money when they killed thmselves and i found out i had unlimited health, so im just gonna say that if you want to make a decent tower defense game, add the following:
- an ACTUAL health bar that goes down a lot when it gets attacked
- better upgrades, not just the basics, add "laser beam length" or something else cool
- have better enemies, i saw the guy with the gun but instead of shooting at a distance he walked into nothing like every other enemy
- have something to protect, even if its the laser your protecting its something so add a fort or a castle instead of an invisible wall
- make it longer, 20 waves go way too fast

the only thing that this game is good for is wasting fifteen minutes
one more thing, for the record i think agitated ferret game SUCK