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Super Mushroom

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Hmmm... OK. This game is my first large project in AS3 and my first crack at the Flixel framework.

I submitted this a few days ago, but when going to edit, I made a big mistake... Which was also partly because of some of the criticism I got. I should have just uploaded the new version into that... *sigh*

Anyway, this version took into consideration what other reviews had given me and I altered the controls slightly and also added more checkpoints to the game.

But for those playing it for the first time:

THIS GAME IS A DIFFICULT GAME. It's made difficult partially by the constant paranoia of anything being a trap or trick, and partially by having to make your way through timed sections, changes in gravity, and keeping speed on falling bridges. And some tricks may feel just plain unfair!

But it's a fun ride nonetheless, especially if you like a challenge!

-ARROWS = Move Left, Right, Jump
-X KEY = Jump
-C KEY = Action
-R KEY = Restart from last checkpoint
-S KEY = For skipping the opening cutscene if you wish

-No, there is no way to detect traps. Some are obvious, some are subtle.
-If you get too frustrated, relax and think of where something is.

-Level 2: At the point which you know you can't make it, turn around and go back.

Please recommend to the Flixel Collection, especially if you liked it!

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Missed the mark...

The sounds are alright, but the controls are sluggish and the story is pretty lame... the whole rating score is based on the sounds to be honest. After my first couple of tries with getting used to the controls I decided to read the other reviews and find out whether the game was worth the effort, but I can safely say that if I struggle enough with the laggy movement then I most certainly not put up with annoying trial & error and unexpectedly restarting the level. It could had been a good title, but you simply screwed up with so many details that could had made this a prominent part of the Flixel collection.

Game over... try again? Y/N

Whoa again.

I made a mushroom flash like this way back when.


The movement is so bad... what were you thinking. it takes like a second to start moving from a standstill. It's like adding lag or something. Could of been a good game who knows, it's unplayable.

Sorry, but no

As soon as I saw 'It's made difficult partially by the constant paranoia of anything being a trap or trick', I knew what kind of game this was going to be, and it did not disappoint. The kind of game where the only way to complete it is to know in advance where the traps are, so you have to die and inevitably redo parts of the levels over and over til you knew them all, which after playing IWBTG and The Unfair Platformer (the originators of such gameplay), has gotten very old as a concept, and is no longer fun to play, nor any kind of rewarding challenge to finish.

The graphics and sound were alright, but the controls were kind of sluggish, and made precision jumps very difficult. As far the level design goes, I'm afraid I got tired of the gameplay upon reaching the invisible wall in the very first level, and so can't comment beyond that, but it seemed to be your standard fare of blocks, springs, and invisible death spikes.

I'm afraid this kind of game just does not appeal to me at all any more, and I had no particular drive to make a serious attempt at finishing it.

the controls

it sucks