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Reviews for "Super Mushroom"


Very difficult but i really liked it. The last level was weird though, I was "glitched" through the right wall upside-down and waited for the end but i was stuck there. >.< Still, I restarted the level and beat it anyways. :) The music in the game was great. Great game all together.

Totally deserves 5/5 and 10/10

i like it

this is prett good for a game

second lvl

on the second lvl i keep getting restarted to the beginning when im actually pastthe 3rd checkpoint you need to fix that other than that so far its great

angryshroom responds:

Thanks for pointing that out, should be fixed now!


I like the concept of the game, the only problem is that it doesn't have very responsive controls. I'd rather have the mushroom start at full speed than accelerate up to it.
Overall, great game, just needs a little work.