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The Pinball Adventure

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Edit: GAME IS FIXED! Woo! Please try playing again :)

We started this project because we couldn't find any pinball games in flash that we didn't hate. With the prevalence of physics games, why isn't there any? Pinball is physics after all!

So we made this, its a proof of concept. If it works and you guys like it, we'd like to take it to the next level with way more content, bigger tables, and awesome features.

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Now the the achievements just need to be actual Newgrounds achievements and it'll be perfect.

Finally, a TRUE pinball game worth plying

Everything about this game was excellent. The ball didn't feel like lead, the flippers moved well, there were multiple tables, and lots and lots of things to hit. I am relieved to find this pinball game to be excellent, and even worth going back to for good reasons. This deserves more than a ten, it deserves a 100. Keep up the good work.

Darn good Pinball simulator

I am a pinball aficionado and love to see pinball developed for the computer and have been sorely dissapointed most of the time. This one though is a great representation on how pinball should work. The physics are pretty darn good, the flippers work very well. The one physics problem I see is on the lower trianglular bumpers above the flippers - they always send the ball vertically up, rather than at an angle as regular bumpers do. I love the addition on the monsters throughout the levels - excellent idea. I would have liked an option to define my own keys to use as flippers as I did not like the choices as provided.

Great Job!


bomb shit man.


At first I was sceptical about the gameplay, but after getting used to it, it was ok. The style is great, music rockz. Nice work!