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you find yourself suck in a room with no way out. it just asks a question can I escape THE ROOM?

yea i know it kinda noobist, but it waas my fisrt try at it

us your mouse to find object that can help you escape.

author note:
This game took me 4 week to make. I would like to thank ZadeFireLance for this help programing this game.

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it's to easy...

and that's thank's to that guy that said the code...i wounder how he...o ik the bomb tell's it somewhere in it's random number's.still where is the 4th box piece?

The Room?

"Hey Johnny, don't worry about i-" "Don't touch me, motherfucker get out."

"I did not hit her. It's bullshit. I didn't hit her. I did not. Oh hi, Mark."

Safe Pass in the wall pic

The pw is 848763

jay37 responds:

way to go man(or women) now my evil plan for world domination gone.


Not too bad, we have to find all four triangles to put them near door!

Took you 4 weeks

Needed more time honestly. I could make an item vanish. The triangle that you get from clipping the wire in the tool box until the TV. If you put that triangle on where the first triangle is, the one you find under the couch, it vanishes. So I couldn't finish the game due to a vanishing/missing puzzle piece. Now before you try to shoot this review down by saying "Just check the box again", I did. The piece wasn't there.

The spelling mistakes were annoying, but this is the internet so I overlooked them. The graphics were okay. I can't do any better, so I can only talk from a player standpoint.

I think you just needed to keep working on it, work out all the little bugs.