Battle Turtle

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Battle Turtle has crossed swords with an army lead by an unknown tyrant. Prepare for a cataclysm of his waves of robotic ships. Use all of turtles powerups and combine the powerups to destroy all waves and take on the insane boss battles. Battle Turtle will reign supreme and save the world from the unknown tyrants attacks!



Somebody got an aneurysm! ah ha haha.


first i was sceptic with this..but it turned out that this game is really fun!
especially the powerup system has a good concept!
good work!


The animations are good but I think the gameplay is a little repetetive, and I liked the ability to mix power-ups. A bit easy too!
Overall a good game! :D

A Very Good Start

While fairly generic, I did enjoy playing Battle Turtle, and I thought it brought a few unique things to the table. My favorite aspect of the gameplay was the ability to store and use three power-ups at once. Since you could only use one ammo-upgrade (and one shield) at a time, it forced me to ration out my power-ups and use them strategically. It also created some memorable moments; for example, I once got a circle, machine-gun, and 3-way shot upgrade at the same time, ensuring that I sprayed the entire screen with bullets.

The graphics could use a little polishing, especially the enemies, but they weren't bad either. I like Battle Turtle and his jet pack feet, and the avian antagonists looked pretty interesting too. It doesn't really matter, but I guess I'd like to know more about Battle Turtle? I can't say that I'm particularly interested, but at the same time, all of the characters in this game seem arbitrary. Why have an animal hero, and animal villains, but robotic enemies?

From a gameplay perspective, my main suggestion is to make the turtle move a little faster, and maybe make him a little smaller. As it stands, he's just too bulky and slow. Otherwise, I think you've got a solid backbone for a game here.

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3.28 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2010
2:56 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight