8-bit Boss Battle 3

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Today's my 21st Birthday! Woohoo!!

I received a request to make an 8-bit Final Boss song, but because I know some people might like one Boss Battle theme more than another, I decided to simply call it #3, instead. So, to celebrate, and as a present to all my 8-bit fans, I've submitted this: my newest 8-bit song, 8-bit Boss Battle 3! Hope you enjoy it. Wish me a Happy 21st! =D

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Wow ! This is an epic song. I used it in the Ludum Dare competition to make a top down shooter game. This is the music of my final boss.


Lol.It is thaaaaat video game music i was looking for...Keep the good work!

8-bit madness!

nintendo had good games... but never had good music like this.

Alright that does it!

PLEASE allow me and my friend to use your music forget anyone else. YOU ARE THE GOD OF 8-BIT MUSIC!

I used this song

I'll PM you a link (it's not a flash).