Hyperion Overdrive

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Well, it's about damn time I made another original song, so here it is: Hyperion Overdrive! I picture it being BGM for some kind of high-speed, fast-paced, intense action game like Virtual-On, Armored Core, or maybe even a game similar to F-Zero. I tried to give it an urgent feeling throughout, with a slight break between the short intro to the main melody to give it a chance to break down and rebuild afterwards.
The next couple of songs I submit will definitely be remixes again, as I already have a few in the works, so I hope you enjoy this track! PLEASE leave me a review and let me know what you think!

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So awesome! Probably one of your best works ever, I LOVE IT :)

Beautiful song (by that I mean beautifully made) I certainly has a smooth rythm to it. The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it is pretty repetitious the entire song. But still better than what I can do :P
Since people gave a visual, I'll make my own. Warning: It may suck like crap
You stand in terror as the sky collapses, you stand hopeless. Children scream, mothers silently cry. Fathers stand panicked. The bloodshot red sky make dark secrets come back to you. You know the world is ending because of you. Hot streaks run down your cheaks. "Is this what you want!!??" You shout. "What do you earn from this!!?? What satisfaction do yo get!! Pain and sorrow are not things to mess with. Because you can bet your shiny little ass that I will come back for revenge!!! You haven't seen the last of me!!" An idea clicks in your head. You know how to fix this.....
Dun dun dunnn!!! :D

I have to admit, I have listened to a lot of awe inspiring stuff on new grounds, but none bring out a greater uplifting feeling or fighting spirit than this song. If I could put my feelings into words better, this would be about 4 times longer, but I'll end this say that if there were a way to give you past 5 stars, I totally would.


This song fits so many epic battle or race scenes it's not even funny. Great song and i hope it gets used for something soon.


this is really cool man , how do you make this?