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Super Sandboard Babe

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Author Comments

Race down the mountain getting as many points as possible.

Use the arrow keys to avoid obstacles. You can also use Shift to jump, or Ctrl to duck since Flash hates keyboards. Ducking to increase your speed a little.

You can jump on bombs and platforms to ride them for more speed and bonus points. The bump strips will slow you down.


I made this game in response to Team Shark's crushing defeat in the Game Jam after thinking to myself, <em>wait, couldn't I have just made a perfectly good game myself in 48 hours?</em> As a result, this game keeps up the "Summer Heat" theme, and has a little Robot Day feel to the design too. And if there's something you don't like about it, my response will probably be: "I made it 48 hours and I don't care"

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Nice Game

I enjoyed it, I know it's up to the bot, but it's not like she actually gets naked does she? Hot though. :D

Not bad.

It's not bad, especially within the time frame you gave yourself. What would've helped people is if you made a screen before the game starts just highlighting over what is an obstacle and what is a "speed aid". I won't really comment on the graphics since it was in such a short span and its more about efficiency than quality.

However, the music definitely subtracted from the over all appeal of the game. It didn't feel very good on my ears.

But over all, really not bad. You should build on it and resubmit it.

its not a bad start

Good concept but little boring after a while. I would love better control over the speed.

SUPER....meh I'm board....

You got the start to a game here. The fastest I could get her up to was 13kph, not enough of them jump-ramp things, and while the ground moved faster the objects didn't seen to be faster or come faster. The health bar felt unnecessary cuz i never died and they slow you down. It really did seem to go way under the rating cuz i didn't see a nipple (ng gods plz pick up on this). Could add some big ramps and some enemies and attacks or stuff to do like tricks at least.

AcetheSuperVillain responds:

well the maximum speed at game start is 24kph, max speed once the timer finishes is 48kph. 13 is incredibly slow.

Needs to be rated T

It was kind of boring... but good enough to pass i suppose...

AcetheSuperVillain responds:

I can't really set the rating myself. There's a list of criteria like "nudity", "language" etc. that the rating is created from.