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Reviews for "Super Sandboard Babe"

nice effort

got a little bit boring after 5minutes but it was still pretty cool.


Very mediocre. There were too few obstacles that were found too much into the fame and while graphics were fine (at least they existed), there was little sense of speed. The way speed developed made little sense to me and it was not really worth getting the health packs seeing as the obstacles were so rare. Also, I noticed the Ctrl key makes the player character duck, but this was not documented in the description. There should be help provided within the game as well, rather than the description of the game on the website. Finally, the link on the top-left is not working. There are too many faults with this submission, and I simply had to rate it a 4/10, although as always, I did my best to be fair.

By the way, the SI gives the unit of kilometres per hour as km/h - km being the symbol for kilometres or 'klicks', the slash for per (as in every SI unit) and h for hours. You're an American, I suppose...

AcetheSuperVillain responds:

If you didn't feel a sense of speed, you weren't doing very well. It can get much faster as you go. Same story with the need for health and rarity of obstacles. (Geeze, if I kill you in 5 seconds, complain; if I let it develop slowly, complain...)

Didn't bother mentioning Ctrl because it messes up the keyboard inputs even more than down.

The ASV link is fine, it's the website itself that isn't working. It got invaded by wurms or something...