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Here's my entry for RobotDay2010. I hope you'll like it!

<3 Paul

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Not great but had a charm to it.

This was a solid contribution you made for Robot Day 2010,it was a pretty simple game with a short story but it had a some charm to it with the happy looking robot going around eating to grow stronger through two levels (one more would have been nice) and the animation was solid also it's not like it was a total cakewalk with the difficulty cause it had a couple of obstacles to avoid and the music fit well with the game also i got a laugh at the end when he got so big he smushed the earth in a cute fashion,overall i think you did a nice job on this game you made for Robot Day 2010.

It needs to be longer.

If the game was longer it would have been fun. But for now its just to short.

iu dont see why bird crap kill you

and al the rendom bals flying around it makes no sence!


It should start off as like the size of a insect and then slowly get larger and larger. For instance the stages at thing he could eat. : Insect-dog-person-bulding-skyscraper-

But It was fun while it lasted.

too easy

you need like at least 5 robot upgrades instead of 2 ... but you should make a 2nd