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Reviews for "Feed Your Bot"

Was a good game but...

you should improve nearly everything in this game, put more effort in it and make it longer.
The idea was good though

wery good

the end is very good!

I like

The idea of eating animals and smashing stupid puny humans to make my robot bigger and more powerful, BUT... The controls SUCK they are almost completely unresponsive in the first stage, Also only two stages?? I want to grow my robot from a puny and oh so cute little robo head all the way through every stage of its mass destruction before it finally crushes this POS planet!


When you killing the dogs and the squirels, it's hard to dodge the birdpoo... And the controls are a bit hard to master.
But I have to admit, graphics are good, the idea is original and the music is good too.

I liked it, but

it would be even better with like special moves or something, i button (space) gets kind of boring lol