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Legend of ZELDA! Video

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Author Comments

I'll be the first to admit the animation and art is below average, but this was my first Flash Cartoon ever. I have the artist listed as Rabbit Joint becasue THEY summited it to Overclocked Remix, not SotD. Check the link to the left and the message from DJPretzel below.

This was taken from Overclocked Remix, where the song was first summited:

"NOTE:This ReMix is NOT by System of a Down, as a few hundred of you have written in suggesting, but by The Rabbit Joint, as indicated. Please don't mail me - I've checked with The Rabbit Joint and verified with two dozen hardcore fans on SoaD's website. This song has been incorrectly labeled as being by SoaD by *someone* who then perpetuated the error by sharing the file on Napster. Case closed :)" -DJ Pretzel, OC Remix

***Flash Movie #1***

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It's great to see how far you've come! I wish you'd make more stuff here too. I was surprised at how tacky the animation was. I thought it would get better. At least you got the "South Park" imitation down pretty well. Okay, that's really lame animation itself.

I even think the title seems amateur. It was too generic. This song would be used many times later. Of course, this was an early Zelda video. It's probably your worst cartoon.

Meh, I'll give you credit for this being your first animation, but that's about it.

Normally, I would probubly only give this like 2-3 stars. but its zelda, System Of A Down, and the two combined in both A video and song. (also thats my 2nd fave SOAD song :3) so it gets 4 and A half. :D

.......... that was cool but weird! XD

Just checking in becuase I somehow remember that I saw this flash 10 years ago tonight. Children these days don't seem to realize that it was 2002 when this was made.

I got my own Mattress of Time I got to get back to now! Hope you do too.

Credits & Info

4.16 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2002
11:03 PM EDT
Music Video