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Reviews for "Legend of ZELDA! Video"

it was a funny video :D

but that song IS by soad BELIEVE me. its impossible for one idiot to think its by soad and convince everyone thus making it theres. i looked for this song file by artist the rabbit joint and the band didnt even come up on blubster napster Or limewire all i could find this file in was soad i didnt find the rabbit joint AT ALL. so im sry if youve already checked w/ them but i strongly believe that this belongs to soad mainly becuz of the drummers sound and bass. ive never heard of the rabbit joint so sry if im wrong but i doubt that this mistake couldve gone this far and if its true then PLZ notify somebody at napsters HQ or something becuz id hate to see this song falsly credited, thnk u for posting this video it was entertaining and im glad u chose this song :) keep up the good work! :D



that was great

I'm a big fan of $oopah Nin10doh too


FUNNY.KEEP ON ROCKING DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol... o.O

Lol. This was... EPICLY RANDOM xD