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Reviews for "Legend of ZELDA! Video"

Perfect Fit

Excellent use of animation, especially the quick use of frames at the end to match the pace of the music.

Heard it alot

I think i've heard that song by searching zelda on google.Obviosly this isn't the best one but it reminds me of one of my favorite games..... bubble bobble....Anyway animation was.... alright i liked the matress of time though ;)

It wasn't a, hero fights, saves day, done thing :)

a lot of these zelda flashes r hero fights saves day done sorta thing. this 1 isn't and thats 1 of the things i liked about it. you did a good job. i enjoyed it.


That's all I can say.... Wow.

Haha, great.

No comments on this one really, I liked it.