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4 Swords Misadventures 7

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Update: Episode updated with better audio quality and minor additional content. This was the way the episode was meant to be seen.

Daily 1st, Weekly 2nd and Review Crew Pick !? I normally get daily awards, but this was quite a surprise. Thank you guys so much! over 100K views. Awesome!

After 17 long, tedious, f**king months, the "highly anticipated" episode of FSM is finally here.

For those who are probably still in the dark and are wondering what took so damn long with the episode, let me summarize:

1)I was going through a mental burnout after releasing two back to back episodes in 2008 and needed a break to develop new material and work on other stuff.
2) Osuka and I were having technical problems with our hard drives last year. It's not easy to recover from such a loss, believe me.
3) I had additional problems with some of the cast and artists, thanks to the global recession (among other things). Because of this crisis, they had to turn in their parts later than usual due to the fact that they were unable to do so previously, being busy with their actual lives of course.

So as you can see, the project got pretty big from the beginning and it eventually collapsed on itself. The reason it got so big was because I wanted to get a wider audience and please the nitpicky "animation purists" who criticized my work, but then again I'll be criticized either way and there's no pleasing everyone...

Seriously, I wanted to get this out sooner, but I had to leave the project in the back burner until everything was done. Overall, it was total hell for me, especially with the impatient noobs that constantly bug me about the episode.

Anyway, now that FSM 7 is finally here, you'll notice that it's full of surprises. Episode 7 marks the conclusion of a three part story arc, so contrary to popular belief, IT'S NOT THE LAST EPISODE. The story will continue after this and I have no idea on how many more episodes I'll make. That depends on the direction that I'll take with the series.

This is the first episode to include NG medals. Originally this wasn't going to be part of the episode, but Osuka talked me into it. There are a total of 9 medals hidden throughout the flash (including the menu and after the ending) so be sure to find them all.

In this episode I'm also introducing a new voice actress, Shiraikigu (Aka Beeku). She's the girl who sang the lyrics I wrote for "The Goddess Appears" track that plays in the menu screen. Visit my youtube channel to hear the full song. She also voices a surprise character in one of my Easter eggs and I'm planning on using her character again for episode 8.

Osuka also helped me out again with his animated parts in chapters 2 & 3. This was inspired by a personal rant of mine about a particular anime that I got fed up with after watching the first 150 episodes. It's meant to be a "tongue-in-cheek" type of gag, so don't take it too seriously.

Kuro-chan has also helped me out with another one of his ideas for an ending, also inspired by another anime that was revived after a 10 year absence. We made it at least 90% true to the actual ending, while certain parts were arranged on his behalf.

Thanks to everyone who worked hard on making this episode epic.

Well that's all for now, Enjoy, vote fair, and don't be a grammar nazi.
Oh and BTW, don't waste your time asking me when the next one will be out. I never answer that. You'll see the next one when it's ready and no, it will not take another 17 months (I hope).

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Really miss these days of interactive Flashes! So many Easter Eggs to pick up on. Seemed massive enough I thought it'd be longer but: good fun all the way. Props on the extras.


anybody that haven't got the sarias song you get it at the emo flashback where? you find out. hint use headphones to here better

Lol, I've never even watched Naruto yet I immediately knew what anime they were talking about when they mentioned the filler. Hilarious.

Amazing and funny animation. really good and well made. got all the meadals.

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4.62 / 5.00

May 14, 2010
3:18 PM EDT
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