The Labrynth

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A small litte inbetween project I threw together. It's okay, I think, but I'm not sure about you. So here you go, have fun, and don't kill yourself, now.

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It's fun for 2 min
It's extremely annoying to hafto start from beginning each time you die and it would be cooler if there wer more types of obstacles and monsters
As i said it's easy but when you do die u start from the beginning!
I couldn't be bothered to finish this as after getting farish into the game you die and hafto start from beggining.

Good approach, with a couple of errors.

The game is pretty good, but lacked a story and a lot of other elements a good game requires. I liked how the camera followed the character it was smooth and not annoying. The music was also a good choice it was not annoying and loud like some other games and was at an appropriate volume. However a lot of the map was very tight and I felt restricted which defeats the porpouse of having a high jumping power. Some times I try and land on a platform but end up falling through it, which was very frustrating. It would be better with more interactivity and more character animations. With some tweaking and editing, this game would be more fun and playable.


Fix the error when you click "More Games" :P All in all, not bad. Boring background though.


its ok, fix the background and make some animations for when he dies, and more traps

Broken as fuck.

This game is fucking terrible. Did you even beat it your self. After I got the key There was no possible way to get past that "Long fall" part. Honestly, Platformers are good when they have all the bugs worked out of them. Not only that but you only used 1 color for all platforms pretty lazy. Not to mention one "injury" item. bad game.

blubfaceproduction responds:

if you would READ THE INSTRUCTIONS in the beginning of the game where you first start, you would realize that you can hit s and glide down gently to the bottom of the pit.

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3.77 / 5.00

May 6, 2010
9:26 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop