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Water ambience

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I think this would be good in like an adventure game or a maze gam, just my opinion.

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I shall use this in my latest game, Fireball Maze, where you guide Erif, the fireball, through mazes while avoiding water obsticals.


Rhymes with mellow. I really like this. it's a nice change from your other work. it's a cool little song. Very serene...the guy who gave that looong description of what pictures came to him when he listened to this are very similiar to mine. Blue skies, sandy beach, and clear blue green water washing up then falling away from the shore.(hehehe it's good!)


The first thing that I think of is a stealth level.

not bad

did you really make this? cause it sounds great? what software/instruments did you use?

Very cool

Listening to this I see a game level or beach village with a bright sun, clear blue skies, sandy beach, and some lagoons in the island it is on. And the player is on a small boat navigating the winding paths into the lagoon. The lagoon has clean, blending of blue and green. The sides of the watery path have rocks and some plants are growing through the cracks. Some of the really large rocks possibly have caves in them or under them.

Sorry..got too imaginative. Really like this audio.