August Engine NG Demo

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Hello Newgrounds. I thought I'd give a little update and upload a sample of the engine I've been working on for the past 8 months (off and on). In this demo you can play through the first sector of the "game". The final version will have saving and loading to an online server (already implemented partially) as well as a vast world the player can explore.

Currently, the game has no art, no music, no sound effects, and plenty of bugs. I am mainly looking for a graphics artist. If you think you can help, drop me a PM. Also, feel free to PM me any bugs you might find (although I probably already know about it).

Enjoy what there is for now. I'm certain that it's a huge improvement over my last game I uploaded here. :P

Weapons are:
1 - Pistol
2 - Shotgun
3 - Rocket Launcher (requires rockets)
4 - Radiation Gun (not in demo)
5 - Flood Bomb (damages player but fires through walls)
6 - PRL (pseudo rocket launcher, not in demo)

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I see potential

I kinda liek the graphics the way they are, not that they couldn't use improvment, but it kinda reminds me of Tanks from the Atari. Kinda nostalgic.


The rocket launcher gun doesn't work at all.

TetrisMaster512 responds:

You see that HUD at the bottom. Yeah... it will say Rockets: 0. You have to get the ammo before you use the gun.

For a Sample of an Engine...

Its pretty good. this was meant to show people your engine, not the graphics, music, or anything. one thing is tho, try to make it so you can just walk into pickups

TetrisMaster512 responds:

At least you get it. :) It's definitely not complete nor do I claim it is. I'm more of the coder/ideas person than the person that draws or makes music, etc.

best "under judgement" game ive seen today.

I mean, it's not what I'd call graphically superior, but the game plays well and clearly has had some work put into it. I do enjoy that it's actually got a challenging element to it, and the fact that you're not using the same weapon(s) the entire play through. I'll be looking forward to the completed game!

TetrisMaster512 responds:

Thank you very much. :)

Pretty cool

Only problem I have with this is that it isn't complete. When you get it with sound, art, and fix some bugs, it could be something awesome. ^_^

TetrisMaster512 responds:

Thank you. :)

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3.35 / 5.00

May 5, 2010
10:00 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed