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Dodge & Shoot

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In Dodge & Shoot, you dodge and shoot enemies in space until the timer runs out. You can only fire one shot at a time, though; when you shoot, a meter has to fill before you can fire again.

It is a very simple game, made simply.


Oh! Also, if you're curious, feel free to visit my blog. A link to it can be found in-game in the main menu.

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a good tester game.

As a prototype to an actual game this is pretty good. Its funny. Its the highest game ranke ever cause only 10 people including me ever reviewed it LOL. Infact i was going to give you a 3 but im giving you a +1 just for your deadly stealth victory!

I don't get it.

Why is this game in the top games list in flash portal? It's just an amateur shooter.

Newsground had way better stuff than this before.

Yeah, needs work

The design of the monsters is probably the strongest point in this game. The thing that really made it lose points was how hard it was to shoot things. It just seemed pointless, as by the time the weapon had loaded, I had gotten used to manuevering around the enemies. The sounds were alright. I suggest you give the player a weapon that doesn't act like this or one that has a much faster timer. You can basically just shoot anywhere and hit something.

It was a bit interesting to have it be timed. The artwork could also use some work, as the graphics just looked a little silly in this. At least the timer did a fairly good job of motivating me. There could also be music as the same generic sounds with the phaser get old after awhile. What are these creatures doing in space anyway?

Alright, but...

Without the ability to fire freely the game doesn't grab me too much, would like to see a quicker recharge on the gun, being penalized for defending yourself stops me enjoying this, or perheps a little health bar? Being able to take a couple of hits would mean I wouldn't be so annoyed about the wait between shots.
I'd like to hear some music as well, music can really help to create an atmosphere for games.

The-Unknown-One responds:

Yeah, I knew limiting bullets was a bit of a gamble. It was a bit of an experiment, and I realize that it wasn't necessarily the most fun choice.

I would have liked music as well, but I was trying to do everything myself, and I'm not too good with making music yet. =)

Thanks for playing & reviewing!

Great Start

Starting with a game like this is the one thing that leads us to make great games...
I can imagine that the game had a "one-bullet-at-time" system because of not knowing how to handle more bullets...
But if that's the case it doesn't matter because it's very common. I did It... Haha...
As a starter game it is great...

The-Unknown-One responds:

This is my second Flash game, so yeah, I guess I am still an amateur. The "one-bullet-at-a-time" system, though, was actually a conscious choice; early versions of the game actually allowed you to fire as much as you wanted, but I found it made things too easy. I guess I could've given the enemies more health, but I chose this path instead.

Thanks for playing and reviewing!

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3.57 / 5.00

May 2, 2010
8:45 PM EDT