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A Tapeworm's Adventure

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This is a game about the adventure of Tapy the tapeworm. This was my first game and was made within a week's time in order to be part of an educational kids learning program to inform the kids about parasites. This is a slightly enhanced version of the game (the kids had a skip button if they could not beat it). Anyways enjoy the game and good luck on the final boss.

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Pretty cool!

This is not bad at all for a first game! i actually found the boss somewhat difficult :P Also a thumbs up for using my song in the boss level, i thought that was pretty neat seeing as how my stuff is almost never noticed, much less used :D
Looking forward(no pun intended) to more submissions by you! :)

Fun and informative, the way learning should be!

Interesting way to teach kids about tapeworms!! I found the boss quite hard, but then realized that the hit box was larger than the actual boss shape. Oh yeah, why does the score reset between levels? I also wish there were some indication of how much time was left in each level, in case I died near the end of the level or something heh.

I was also wondering, at the very end if I remember correctly there is a picture of the kid in bed with perhaps a thermometer in his mouth. Is elevated body temperature a typical symptom of a tapeworm infection? Is it also typical for white blood cells (the immune system) to be able to attack and kill a tapeworm, in the stomach or elsewhere? Is contaminated water the most common way to get a tapeworm infection? Sorry if all this sounds anal, but even though you are aiming this for an audience of children (age?), it'll be good to see how much scientifically-accurate information you can cram into this game while still leaving it fun, informative, and accessible for your target audience. :) If you've already shown this to the kids, what info did they manage to take away from this game? Hopefully they did not think that spit can actually kill Tapy! ;-)

Cantdoright responds:

Ha I had some of those similar questions from my group members when i was making the game. My biology teacher said the game was fine and informitive enough. Also the usaul age groups for the kids were from 8-12 or so since they were girl scouts who were acompanied by their parents, so if they made a huge leap of questioning the parents would inform them otherwise. Alot of the students at my school thought the game was awesome and I am glad you also enjoyed it. I truely do wish I was able to add more information in the game, but with only a week i needed to get a general story across to the kids and I need to make simple ways to understand sick and happy as well as challange. maybe on my next educational game I will be able to make it more accurate.


xD 'twas an ok game, not marvelous but ok. the game was overflowing in the cute department but lacking in the gameplay department but good for a first go. Hope to see what other games you make after this.

Cantdoright responds:

HA alot of kids thought he was a catipillar but none made a tofu connection! Glad to hear it was okay for you and I will definatly be making more games once I find an awesome programer to work with. Thanks for playing the game and try looking at my other stuff while you wait!

Not bad for first submission

some of the game parts were ok, maybe next time you could animate your cut scenes

Cantdoright responds:

Ha indeed, I am an animator and I wish I could have animated every cutscene, but with only a week to work on a project you can't get too much done. I am really surprized I was able to finish on time. Anyways thanks for playing and I am glad you liked certain parts.

P.S. I really have 4 submissions in total now, but this is my first game!

Regular game...

...but i like the hard bosst and the cheese :3.THis game is not the style of NG...they dnot like it...but u can make cool games...i know...work hard and be creative.

Cantdoright responds:

Thanks man, and I knew it was not NG's style, but any help and viewing from the world is great in my book. The cheese seems to be everyone's favorite part and I will stive to make better games (with the help of an awesome programer). Thanks for playing and I am glad you enjoyed it!

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3.09 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2010
5:06 PM EDT