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I worked very hard on making this game, although it is my VERY FIRST GAME, it seems good, Please Rate this Game as your rating a noob developer because its my very first game.
I followed the Shootorials on Kongregate to make this.

If you find any Bugs within this game, Please send the Bug Reports to me at greenpuffle92@gmail.com, PLEASE PROVIDE A SCREENSHOT IF POSSIBLE!

If you have ANY ideas to make this game bit better, Please send them in email to greenpuffle92@gmail.com, PLEASE EXPLAIN IN FULL DETAIL AND TELL ME A LITTILE ABOUT HOW TO MAKE THOSE IDEAS because, you know why(My Very First Game)!

Bug Fix #1 Fixed Win Game Menu
Bug Fix #2 Fixed 100 Health Freeze Shield Glitch
Bug Fix #3 Fixed Final Score Highscore in Kongregate
Update #4 Added Newgrounds PreLoader
Update #5 Power-Ups changes to Every 12 seconds.
Update #6 Enemies come every 1.2 seconds.
Update #7 If an Enemy escapes 10 Points get taken off from your score.
Update #8 Text/Writing removed from background.

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I can't really hit any enemies also there's a glitch that when I get hit I don't lose health.

I Have a Problem . . .

I really don't like when people take something from a tutorial and stick one new thing or two and call it "their game", if you take something from a tutorial you should change it much more than you did.
It seems like nearly everyone didn't notice that this was made primarily from the shootorials from Kongregate. I don't think it's right that everyone is complimenting you on "your" artwork even though the things they compliment were not made by you at all.
Can you please at least mention in the description that you used the shootorials to make this game.

Though, it is easy to tell that you do know at least a bit of what you are doing since you can fix bugs that have popped up, but next time please make it all by yourself.
(I can see this review being rated as useless . . .)

GreenPuffle92 responds:

I thought I did put it in the description, Did I forget?
I tried making my own ship and enemies about a million times but it turned out rubbish, and I didn't compliment myself on "my" artwork!
When (and IF) I make MAXOTONIC 2, I'll draw the art myself at the backgrounds, ships etc.

Eh cool

Fun game but could use a little more work overall its a very nice game for your first time

"i agree good game"

like Nosmont mentioned upgades would be nice. Still its a decent game good job dude.

for a first game its good

the animation is smooth and the drawings are nice, you need more enemy types and more enemies on screen or it becomes repetative after the first min, also make it more in depth (upgrades, harder enemies, diff bosses that normal stuff)

GreenPuffle92 responds:

I don't want to make it a too hard game, that's why when I tested it(2 days ago) the game was spawning too many enemies, I put it 1 Enemy every 2 seconds.
More Enemy Types? I would like that too but I don't want to mess up in the Scripts(Like I've done about 23 times by now)!
Upgrades is a good idea, but sadly, I don't know how to make them(Codes).