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It's kinda like a cross between Spore and WarCraft... maybe.

This is what happens when I don't have a job. Nice marmot, by the way. Also, for those of you that don't want to play the tutorial or just "don't get it..." here is how to play:

-Click on units to select (can drag box around to select multiple units)
-Deselect units with SPACE or the Deselect Button (bottom right)
-With unit(s) selected, click empty space to move, food unit to gather, cell pool to return food, or enemy unit to attack
-With single unit, click and drag from the Nucleobase Buttons (A, T, C, G) at the bottom of the screen into the DNA strand to edit DNA. Do this to make your cells BETTER.
-M - Split units
-Q - attack to (will move and attack along the way)
-P - create/join pool (can create new units there for free)
-X - stop actions
-1-4 - special attacks (if enabled)
-Arrows or WASD - move screen

Hover over buttons in-game to see what the hotkey is for it.

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This is a really sweet game with an awesome upgrade/evolve system further developed than any upgrade system in any game I know, but this game has some serious issues. I tell a creature to move and it stops. I tell it to evolve and it stops. Those may be bugs in the game but you've got to work on that. Also you've got to make them respond better to enemies. I tell them no and they can't help but attack and i don't look and one simple creature is biting my soldiers to death bit by bit, one at a time and they don't fight back? is it that their attributes effect their instincts/programming? well it's irritating to see them act this way and it made me quit because i felt like the game was bugging. Still i must say: one heck of a game. As long as the creatures don't act up it's an awesome game.

you should have an option that makes it easier to understand the the whole thing naming cells if they're like offensive or defensive or something calling necleobase strength or defense or something like that and automatic attacking so that you wouldn't be going to your attacking cells while your gathering nutrients. anyways, 4.5/5 9/10 because i only understood a little in the game even if i took the tutorial

10 out of 10

this is probably the best spore/related flash i've ever seen.

Oh well.

Finishing "Kingdom Fire" appeared to be a better idea in the end :).

Nemo responds:



I'm just gonna ask why. Why would you make a game with such a good concept and have it work the way it does...
Couldn't get the cells to fight off intruders even when they were attacking, couldn't get them to respond to my commands, For somereason creating cell or mitosis sends the new lil ones on a blood thirsty killing spree. As son as i duplicated or created a new one they would charge over to the other side and die. Great use of money. Half the time the cells would just sit there and no matter the amount of clicking I did they still refused to follow the orders... Just why? This game would drive a preist to murder. Seriously fix it and repost it because this has a amazing potental... Like the command and conquer of cell worlds. Even add to it new cells, terrain maybe. enemies that fight EACH OTHER. Getting bum rushed by every opponent is pretty funny once but second and third gets old. I like how you can upgrade; however, trying to decipher tiny lettering while fighting bum rushing battalions with unresponsive units... Simply not enough time. Where as usually I'll say that detail (such as the affects of where you place the upgrade... very good idea btw) is lacking in alot of games, it is not here; however, unfortunatly in regards to the upgrade system it just makes it unnecessarily difficult. I gave you no stars because I'm not expecting you to honestly believe this is good. You should, no you have to remake this... It could be one of newgrounds best games if you work at it. Common....

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4.06 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2010
12:32 PM EDT