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Joe's Minor Adventure

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Author Comments

Joe's Minor Adventure is a highscore driven action packet arcade game. You control Joe riding on a mining cart. There are different type of obstacles coming your way which you need to avoid.

You can use one of the three abilities you have in your disposal. Smash through everything or just ghost through them and even slow down time to make it to that track turning point to avoid incoming trains.

While doing all that don't forget to look for gold bags lying on the tracks. Collect them for extra score. When you do crash you can submit your score to a highscore list.

Read in-game instructions on how to play and have fun!

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Mine cart driving flash. Graphics are nice but could be more polished. Gameplay is decent, but there could more areas to explore and goals to achieve.

Smooth and Enterteining!

This game is really addicting, funny and enjoyable. It is not just that simple games, where you play for one minute and close the page, you can do a lot of things, with power-ups, avoiding, speedy, watch short and nice storyboard and do other things.

The name from Joe's Minor Adventure, looks simple, but really match in some way with this action game, as an adventure with the protagonist being the minor worker Joe. And it would be according with the storyboard lookings through the draings -- Joe's Minor Action, but this looks weird, even if the genre is action. I think you really did a nice picking of title here.

The concept of the game is the most interesting, as this have nice observations from the west time. Like, the old traintrack bridges, the galloons, the stations with the mailbox, the wooden tracks, the mine cars, the gold plunders, the tunnels inside mountains and such, the seas under the bridges and a lot of other things. The use from power-ups was another interesting point of this game, where is not just that games from avoid trains changing the tracks or just simply avoiding rocks or stones, you have the gift from use three different kinds of power-ups and other thing that turns this more competitive, is that you have a limit time for use them, as you can never have them forever, this is much more nice. The trains design was another thing that took my observation as they looks really cool.

The programming from this game was my favourite, I can see that you used a lot of variables, as the power-ups, poissons, trains, rocks, shocking construction signal, and other kinds of obstacles randomizing through your way, because if didn't had these random attachments, you already would know what do, and everyone could get a top #1 place in the leaderboard or scoreboard, this was a really nice point, other thing I liked was the point system where you get althrough from what you did while playing the game. The variables were pretty good, the commands also where, leaving the jumping control for the space bar, and the power-ups with they stroke listeners from "A", "S" and "D" keys, and placing "ESC" key for quit as the computer games we know and the "M" key for mute sounds, audio or music. The controls were very smooth, and leave for you and addicting view of the game and also you enjoy it by playing through hours, because you can be the top #1 from the game, you have a lot of curiosity for know where you will be, also, I liked how the difficulty from the game grow up, because when you hit the stage train station, the number of obstacles and trains double, and while you're going through the tunnel or cave, whatever, is more more hard. This game was really fun, addicting, enjoyable, creativy, good, smooth, smooth controls, action-packed, competitive, interesting, nice and whatever good things have to say. You really should be proud from this game. I really really liked it.

The soundtrack was really fun for this game, from the menu looks really "peaceful" kind to we read the boards, options, settings, instructions and such, and not that strong musics were give us some kind of hate and already jump for the gameplay. From the gameplay, does your game looks like a really old west action-adventure game and addicting. Your game doesn't have any FX or special sounds, or additional sound attachment, but if you see, just by the main audio, it looks really cool and give you fun of playing it. I think this was a really good and well choosen option of soundtrack. Countech Roll is really cool!!

As I said a lot of times, the game was addicting, smooth keyboard actions, enterteining, competitive because the leader board you have in the end, the skill you need to have to avoid the trains or any obstacles through your way, and the ability from use power-ups and constructed variables. Nice work!!

SpyS. > from Review Request Club

ProfessorFlash responds:

Wow thanks for the long review :). Glad you liked the game.

cool game

it was addictive, interesting and fun. Simple controls and simple story mechanisms made this game clear and fun awesome keep making these games!

Fantastic game

A fantastic game you have here, first off i love the top over view shot, and the "CONTROLLS" were very easy to learn and control, the game play was fun and addictive with some super graphics you made this into a fan fave and fantastic game

I wouldnt mind seeing more stuff that stop the main guy, like falling rocks of some sort.

A fun train game watchout for the road block


Simple but solid

When I was a kid there was a TV show where you could play minigames and win lots of money. One of the minigames looked pretty much like this (I'm not saying you copied the idea, just stating similarities here).

The gameplay is very simple, but it makes for a very solid game, that entertains you while you are playing it. The graphics are all pretty good and I liked the little animations in the game (for example that Joe falls out of the mining card when hitting and object). Those small details are what makes the difference between a simple and boring and a simple and funny game. Yours definitely is one of the latter.

The song was funny for a few moments but got boring quickly, so it's nice that you put in an option to mute the music.

{ Review Request Club }

ProfessorFlash responds:

Yeah the animations are great. Thanks for them goes to my buddy Ani-x aka Seoul Snake aka Mos Stef. Joe crashing into a barricade and Joe getting flattened by the train are my two favorite animations :).
Thanks for the review.

Credits & Info

3.57 / 5.00

Mar 4, 2010
4:57 PM EST