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Greater Fighter

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Your tactic and skill will be tested here. Watch out for the "Rules", it can be advantage or disadvantage for you in battle stage. You can fuse with your other fighters if both your fighter can attack the same enemy but this work only for leader character (GF).

Controller in battle stage:

1. ASWD : Movement
2. SPACE : Shoot
3. SHIFT : Super Shoot (when fully charged)
4. QE : Fuse with other fighter (If condition met)

Minor update:
- All character can use super shoot.
- Silence disable super shoot only.

Major update:
- New EXP System.
- Added Training Ground.
- Added New 2 Hired Character.

Thanks for playing again!

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I'm still playing this in 2014 awesome game, make a sequel please maybe with new weapons and more tag teams

Moar pl0x!

Dude, you need to update and add more levels and maybe 2 new characters!!!


Really great. The game is a lot better after the update, but I noticed that Zero attack power sucks when fighting the stronger opponents. To give an example, right now I have Zero at level nine, and he BARELY has a chance to kill the enemies at level five in one round, and that's including hitting the enemies with his special attack. I think right now, he has the weakest power in the game; combined with his weak armor, he pretty much is the worst character in the game.

Good work.

Nice job on the updates, they've made the game much better. However, I notice that you can't move diagonally either up-left or down-right. You might wanna fix that.

((By the way people, Violetta is a guy.))

Nice updates

The updates makes the game better. I love it!^^

Credits & Info

3.32 / 5.00

Jan 19, 2010
10:53 PM EST