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Crop Defenders

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Build an army of birds, maximize your damage per second, and set traps to fend off animals before they destroy your crops.


Crop defenders is here! Let me know what you think, and hopefully you enjoy! :)

Took me about a month to complete. All art is mine aside from the explosions which were made using an explosion generator program.

Thanks to Kongregate for sponsorship supporting the game.

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The Joy of Absurdly Overpowered Weapons

And these weapons are in the hands of animals, no less! There's very little more satisfying as hearing an electrical crackle when an animal steps on a shock pad, or seeing a pterodactyl launch a huge explosion at a tiny rabbit. Great graphics, too.


thats an awsome game i loved it

A huge plus from me

I liked the game. it was just awesome. But the one thing is clear: You need to mane unlockables. tha game is not a comlete game if it has none unlockables. make different enemies for higher levels, eg take out the starting rabbits and place a tougher monster on the end. also, with this done, increase amount of starting money so a player would have an opportunity to defend himself better.
Over all, the game is a litle too ease as mentioned before, the soundtrack - i didnt like it but oh well, maybe someone else thinks, it fills the spirit in this game.
I think the game achieved it's purpose, and it is going to be one of my fav's


Definitely a good game, and I love the pixel art a lot. My only real complaint is 'click to shoot'. I love the idea of your game, a tower-defense-just-with-moving-towers , and I absolutely love that you get to choose your targets (the auto-aim in tower games is always annoying), but I think having to hold down the mouse button is just kind of a drag. I mean, given that you're /going/ to just keep it held down, and there's no penalty for errant shots, why not just program the game so it's always shooting?