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Fight in the Forest.

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**** Set to either LOW or MEDIUM (High/best really messes up the sync)****

After 3 weeks of working with flash, I present to you, dear viewer, my first flash animation.

This was originally my final project for my intro to animation course. Throughout the semester we used traditional means of animation, and for our final, we could use any medium we wanted. I wanted to try my hand in flash animation, and this is the result. Since then, I went back and added and changed a few things. This was a rushed towards the end days, so as you will probably be able to see, the quality goes down as the movie progresses.

Since I have little to no actionscript knowledge, there is sadly no replay button. To avoid things from going off sync, I would suggest either LOW or MEDIUM quality, which is located in the bottom left corner beneath the pre-loader. Also, I encourage and want constructive criticism, I really want to get much better.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it :)

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quite frankly

i am dissapointed that this flash only got 3.54. i do agree to the fact that the movements of the animation is horrifically crap. but the art the actual illustrations themselves are fantabulous i love it. the art itself is probably the reason the animation part is horrid though. if you concentrate a *teeeeeny* bit less on the art and a *tiiiiiny* bit more on smooth animation. you would be the same level as egoraptor in my eyes... a 5 for you.

Tyler responds:

I agree, the animation is pretty bleh. But hey, I've been working on it so hopefully it will show during the next submission.

Thanks for the kind review

pretty amazing i must say

if this is ur first animation in newgrounds , u should make more , because this one it's amazing , they say u have to make it more fast , in some scenes that's true , but in the whole movie the speed of it it's greatly amazing , and pretty funny because of the "WTF!? BOOOOOOM" , the final was totally amazing , i though "oh noez! the hero is gonna die!...crap l:("
but u make this animation one of the greatest on ur first time , u got future on this , u should make a lot of more , i'll be waiting for another one. Reggiardito.

its nice.

but it needs to been faster and more actiony bot other than that its cool.


could have been better....I understand if it is your first time, but a good fight scene on newgrounds is fast and not so one sided. Not only that, but it wasn't too believeable. Yes i understand that a lot of fights on Newgrounds aren't believeable...but they try to make it a little bit more by making it fast.

If you were trying to get a "bullet time" feel, you have to use a lot more frames than that

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3.71 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2010
2:46 AM EST