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Micro Dungeon

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Patch 1.1 (You should see it in the main menu if the game's already patched)
- Charge and Guard now triples your AT and DF instead of double
- Fix on Cerberus and Dragon Crash
- Thanks for Ofir to point it out
- Somehow i managed to reduced the size *more* to 32kb by optimizing some codes (May still displayed as 33kb though)
- insta-fix Map Scroll bug


"Micro Dungeon" - A RPG in 33kb - is a small, widget RPG i made. Crawl through the dungeon, and reach the huge treasure at the 10th floor! Win, Quit, or Lose the game and share your "Odyssey Record"!

I got bored and so i made a challenge for myself, "What can i make with 30KB Space?". So i make this one. Because of the (self-challenged) size restriction, i have to push the quality and make simple graphics instead. I aimed for 33KB (pretty numbers), so adding one little "modification" can change the size entirely @_@. I hope you understand the quality.

Because of the small size and dimension, you can embed this game in your site! O_o

It's simple to embed, on my site : http://fandrey.lucidrine.

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하..시발 이동도조같이안돼네

I like the concept of a dungeon crawler widget. For 32kbs it's a good.

What I liked about the game is the graphics. Even though there's no unique sprites for different enemies (they all look like ghosts), what's there is pretty good. Also stat calculations are pretty simple so it's easy to calculate how much damage you do to an enemy and how much they'll do to you in most cases, and the gameplay isn't overly complicated which is nice.

What I don't like is that it feels like there's only 1 really effective way to build your character and win almost 100% of the time. Leveling also feels slow in this game since you only get 1 stat point per level so it takes a long time to buff your character if you need to, plus the experience curve forces the player to push forward in most cases. One VERY specific thing I noticed, too, was one of the variations of floor sees you able to walk around where your status bar is.

Overall I think it's alright once you get the hang of it. For a 32kb dungeon crawler it's well made, just a bit on the hard side due to working with VERY limited resources and the fact that for most builds it's probably very dangerous to grind in the same spot for an extended period of time.

Not bad in general. However, the success depends on the loot too strongly.

Not a bad game, however my biggest issue with it is that I don't get to choose which Weapon or Armor that I use. At one point I found a +8 AT weapon, but then later found a +3 AT weapon. The +3 replaced my +8 without even asking me if that's what I wanted to do.

Nice idea and work!!
I think you could still lose some "weight" and have the same game though.
On floor 6 I couldn't see the entire map on the game screen, and the map wouldn't scroll either.
Maybe you could let us use items in battle?
It's a challenging game anyways. Congratulations!

Credits & Info

3.53 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2009
4:45 AM EST