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Now my score is going up.. Guess people loaded the game, saw the crappy graphics, and voted 0 for a free blam point.

EDIT: Yeah... It's gone from about 2.5 to 3.5...

Anyways, might as well have a quick guide if people are still playing now and then:

Click the goal (the orb with the spinning black and white) to "stop" time. This will warp you to the beginning (except when standing on a temporal immunity) to stop cheating. When time is stopped, click and drag (that is click, and without letting go, drag. A certain user who reviewed couldn't quite figure this out. I felt badly for him) colored platforms.

Blue Platforms move horizantally.
Red Platforms move vertically.
Yellow Platforms will move horizantally (either left, or right, not both ways) to where you drag them after you jump on them (after dragging them and restoring time, they return to their initial position.)
Green Platforms, like yellow platforms, move to where you drag them when you jump on them, and can only be dragged up.
Stand on cannons (Black things with a red or green dot in the middle) and click on the screen to shoot towards wherever you want to go.
Laser beams will kill you.
Temporal Immunity (Look like claws) will allow you to stop time without being warped to the start.

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really good

i stopped at soe point to hard i guess lolnothin to hard fo me couple glitchs thats why nine but really good

Stannous responds:

Thanks :D

Work ahead of you

Well, can't say much bout this game, since the blue blocks won't move on lvl 2. The music was ok I guess, but a little too offensive for me. Gfx and gameplay just sunk your battleship. This game has not much to offer, since we've seen a lot of platformer games like this here on Newgrounds.
"I realize the graphics are not very well done, I'm a programmer, not an artist. :(" Well then fix the goddamn blue blocks, add menu, preloader, some cheezy bonuses and stuff. It doesn't have to look great if it's playable, but well atm "Formation" is doin neither. Try to improve your workpiece and keep that in mind: don't post a game that you wouldn't like to play. Good Luck

Stannous responds:

Wait... The gameplay is bad, but you haven't beaten level 2? Uh... K. It's likely you simply tried to drag them without stopping time or only clicked once, instead of dragging. The instructions said what to do, and no one else has mentioned any problems with the blue blocks besides you, so I'm guessing you didn't read the instructions on level 2. So blue blocks are fixed, and it HAS a preloader, in case you didn't remember hitting "PLAY." While I appreciate constructive criticism, half of your review is asking me to do stuff that is in the game already, lol.

Really good

There was something new every so often which kept the game unrepeitive, and it flowed really well. . . Nice one ^^

Stannous responds:

Thanks for the review, not sure why most of my reviews aren't terrible but the score is :\


It would be awesome if there were some graphics.. Looks like you haven't artist or animator. The concept is really fascinating, anyway.

Stannous responds:

Yeah.. I considered making a post in the flash forums, but a lot of people who do that are unknown just get "STFU I WON'T MAKE YOUR GAME FOR YOU." :\

Nice idea

Tough the physics(I'm not fond of having a lower jumping speed than walking speed, personally) aren't as good as they could be, and I don't even want to mention the graphics, I really like the idea of this game. If you'd just put some more time in it, polish your engine, get a bored artist make you some graphics, this could turn out pretty well :D

6/10 for the concept and the effort.

Stannous responds:

Your initial jumping speed is actually more than twice the speed at which you walk, so I'm not sure what you're talking about there, but yeah I realize the engine isn't that great.. I didn't really want to get into a collision detection system that didn't use hittests for my 2nd game, and hittests kinda fail.
Thanks for the review :)