DASH it!

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Music video for Agemixer theme "DA SHIT" yes, I've changed the title.
It contrasts with all the violent stuff I've made before and looks kind of positive also it's more abstract and assosiative than other movies here, but if you'll look deeper it even has a plot.

Also I don't know what else should I write here...

yesh, it contains fullbody samurays, 3d vector moving forms, some funny cute characters and, yeah... sticks...

Enjoy seeing this.

somethings a little wrong with the preloading line, so wait till 5,8 mb will be downloaded (pease)


Uh oh..

Somebody help me. I can't stop watching it.


Immensely entertaining! The sheer mayhem and precision of it reminds me a bit of FLCL, Franz Ferdinand, and Madness. I applaud you- this definitely takes an element of skill.

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why are you so pro? you are way better than be by far lol XD
the best music video so far on newgrounds

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Wow! Amazing!

The quality was even still awesome on the low setting and was well well worth the wait and used nice catchy music but at first I thought it was from newgrounds but I guess I was wrong.

I liked the 3-D vector that made the video so cool and all the imagination you put into it but who cares if there were stick figures in it, it was awesome! I am pretty sure you put a crapload of effort into this and I really liked it.

Like I said, an EXELLENT choice of song and it is STILL in my head right now while writing this review. If I could choose I think this should be in the top ten all--time scoring even though it is already in the top fifty.

I found this video in the top-fifty too I saw it on the front page but I was too bored to look at it because every time I see a good video, I have the urge to make a good review with it to make it more popular than it already is.

But the thing that confuses me is, why is it called "Dash It"? Is that the name of the song but oh well. I would figure it to be in an old pixel game. That would be cool too and what is with the beeps at the end? I just don't get it.

I liked all of the random pictures that viewed to make it more mysterious as it is but that made it less boring and what is with the pixelized things in the menu? That is the only pixel thing besides the text that said "Dash It".

In the description I didn't think it was going to be a good movie because you spelled a lot of things wrong or that was just craft in your writing. I don't know. But it was weird how you made everything violent, well umm... not violent.

The video was very original too but what imspired you to make this? It must have been good considering the fact that you probably spent weeks making this.

So overall I thought this was creative and pretty cool to see all of the vector 3-D art in all of it so here is the overall score:

Creativity 10/10
Originality 10/10
Art 10/10
Audio 10/10
Concept 10/10
Effort 10/10

Like I say in my other reviews, I intend to make super long reviews on very good submissions and that is a compliment to you. I conclude this review to say... Make More music Videos Like these!

Very Neat Job!

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is a good animation but i don't really get it and why "DASH IT!"?
is only a few images and.....well....random things o.O , well ,i give u a 7 cause the music is great :D

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Nov 14, 2009
3:16 AM EST
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